About Us


About us

“New name in the market but not new in the business”

The fresh aroma of veteran and extremely experienced hands will touch your soul and make you indulge in the taste that fulfills your needs.

While the quality of the food is the main and foremost focus of the business, we assure you with the divine of an experience. We have zero tolerance against the inferior quality of food. Health parameters are kept at the center of the business and then worked on them accordingly.

Get ready to make a permanent place in the hearts of your guests because we believe that no one has to make extra efforts to remember a good quality food. While the main attraction of the function is always the food and a “HAPPY STOMACH LEADS TO A HAPPY SOUL” .

Either it be a promotion party or birthday of your loved ones,

Either it be a marriage or just a get together with your old chums,

Never miss to please your precious guests with the food we serve and get appraisals from them till coming couple of months.

Take a look at our mouth watering MENU.